Walk More, Sit Less The Secret to Weight Loss!

Health is all about balance, and for healthy weight loss balance is key!В  The secret to healthy weight loss is all about choices doing something good more often than not, and doing something unhealthy less often than before.В  To help begin the secret weight loss tool of doing healthy things more often than not, choose one brilliant idea per week, and practice it every day.В Last week I chose to drink water more often than diet soda, and to take a 15 minute walk around the block more often than sitting relaxing for my break.В  At the end of the week I found that I didnt have to actively think about these new habits so often, because they had become, well, habits!В  And healthy habits are key to healthy weight loss!

This week I choose to bring my lunch to work more often than eating out, and I choose to swim laps on moreВ days of the weekВ than not.В  So, if I bring my lunch to work at least three times and swim at least four times, Ill be achieving my weight loss goal for today.В  Did you see how I phrased that?В  My goal is NOT to lose two pounds this week, Im not concentrating on the pounds AT ALL!В  I am simply choosing a food item and an exercise item to think about, and choosing a habit I will do more of.В  By doing more of healthy weight loss habits, it naturally follows, and without any effort on my part, that I will be doing less of an unhealthy habit!В  I am focusing on the positive and letting the negative slip gently away.

What weight loss habits will you set this week?В  Can you suggest a food or exercise habit that you will schedule to do more of this week?

Have a great week with your healthy weight loss goals!